Can I host an adult site? No, we don't host adult-oriented websites or any sites that breaks down the essence of our... Can I transfer my existing domain name to IDS Hosting? When signing up you will be given the option of choosing a new domain or a domain transfer or... Do you offer 24 hour support? We offer support in various ways during normal business hours. We offer online chat support... Do you offer an uptime guarantee? Yes. We Guarantee 99.9% uptime for your website(s). Do you offer protection against viruses and spam? Every email account is enabled with the powerful features of our anti spam system. Some of our... Do you support FrontPage? Front Page is no longer supported. How do I ad a new email account? As soon as you are registered on the site as a hosting client or an email only client: We will... How do I get my website online? To access the place to upload your website: login to your cPanel or relevant control Panel. Find... How do I install WordPress or Joomla via my Fantastico link in my cPanel? Login to your cPanel. Find the Softaculous App Select Softaculous and search for the program... How long will it take before my account is ready to use? Once payment has been received, during office hours you can have access to your site within a few... How many email accounts can I use on my email only package? There is no limit to the number of email accounts.Note Space is 1Gb, bandwith is 1Gb. This should... How to choose a hosting package? There are quite a few factors to consider, but here are some guidelines to help you: 1) What... How to get rid of the IDS hosting construction page? Background: The index file in your public root (public_html) is always the first file your... How to set up and use your shared SSL How to set up and use your shared SSL There are a number of options wrt your SSL certificates:... How to upgrade your PHP version PHP which is the 'engine' for your website and is constantly improving.Thus from time to time the... I want a web site, but do not know what to do next! Once you have determined what your site will be used for and roughly what you want to say. You... Is there a minimum contract period? No, you are free to cancel your account at any time, subject to giving us a  calendar months... My Password is not accepted Password access has been set high for security reasons. You need to keep trying with passwords... Password Strengths A strong password is required for your client area as it contains all emails sent to you which... Remote access PC For remote computer support:- please go to the website: Click the download... What Version of PHP do you offer/support? The PHP versions are always upgraded to improve on security and functionality/speed and we will... What payment options do you offer? We offer the following payment options: Online payment via PayFast EFT payment Debit Order... What visitor tracking do you offer? All packages come with AW Stats that generate advanced web stats from the server logs in an easy... When I'm travelling how can I access my Email? You will have access to our webmail system so you can access your email from anywhere in the... Where are your servers located and what are their specifications? IDS Hosting is a South Africa Business with SA based servers launched from the website:... Why are your domains not free like so many other hosting companies? When you are faced with the option to accept hosting with a free domain as an added bonus. Be... Why don't you offer unlimited bandwidth? There is no such thing. Companies that promises you unlimited bandwidth are counting on you not... Will I get a control panel? Yes. Every web hosting package comes with a control panel including cPanel or in some cases... Will I have unlimited access to update my pages? You have unlimited access 24 hours a day via FTP or File Manager in your cPanel. You are also...
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