Copy/Rename Database Is there a way for me to copy an entire database in cPanel? Go to cPanel > MySQL Databases... Creating a URL Redirect   Login to cPanel and click the Redirects icon. Leave the setting as 301 redirect, as... Custom Error Pages To create a custom error page for your account, please login to cPanel and click Error Pages,... Diffirence between Addon Domain & Sub Domain A subdomain is a second website, with its own unique content, but there is no new domain name.... Document Root Changes We can no longer change the document root for your main (primary) domain. This causes problems... Error Page Codes What are Error Codes? These numbered error codes are how the server tells website visitors about... Fantastico Scripts To view all the scripts offered inside Fantastico, including each version and support links,... GNuPG Keys GnuPG is a publicly available encryption scheme that uses the "public key" approach. With GnuPG,... Hidden Files Hidden file and folder names start with a dot. Examples: .htaccess .htpasswd .fantasticodata... How to use FTP via Windows Explorer Microsoft has developed an easy way for you to connect and upload files to your website. Notice:... Image Manager The Image Manager allows you to view and modify images in your account. You can change the size... Index Manager Go to cPanel and click Index Manager. Click on a folder icon to look inside. Click on a folder... Internal Error, 500 Internal server errors can be caused by a few different things. Please check the Error Logs in... Latest Visitors You will find an icon for this in cPanel, under the Logs section. This function will show the... Lost Database Password Forgot your database's password? You must create a new user with a new password. Do not worry,... MYSQL database size limit There is no limit for the size of databases. MySQL is only limited to the size of your cPanel's... Mail Folder A maildir system is used, which means that all your email boxes and messages are stored as files... Password Directories To password protect directory: Login into your cPanel and click on the Password Protect... Proper MIME Types Mime types tell browsers how to handle specific extensions. For example, the text/html mime type... Proxy access for cPanel, WHM, and webmail. Needed to bypass firewalls. With your Linux Shared Hosting accounts, you have access to a control panel that contains the... Read before Creating an Addon Domain About addon domains Addon Domains are handled like subdomains as far as the server is concerned,... Restoring Deleted www or public_html folders If you delete the www folder, your site should still load properly. If you delete the... Setting folder for Addon domain outside public folder The cPanel X3 theme will allow you to specify a path outside of public_html. Symlink Files A symbolic link (also symlink or soft link) is a special type of code that contains a reference... URL Redirect Methods Go to cPanel and click Redirects. This is also known as 301 redirect. Search engines, like... Viewing your disk space usage. Login to cPanel, and under Files, click Disk Space Usage. This page shows you where disk space... Webmail icon You can check the webmail for any account by logging into with the full... What is pHp ini ? The php.ini file is a special file for suPHP (pronounced sue-p-h-p). The php.ini file is where... cPAddons CPaddons is no longer available, as it's outdated and depreciated. You will need to use... cPanel Manual Yes, a manual for cPanel is available. Go to to view... pHp limits that cannot be changed PHP has been configured to use the following settings on our shared and reseller servers: safe... phpMyAdmin phpMyAdmin is a tool written in PHP to handle the administration of MySQL over the web. Databases... public_html folder The public_html folder is the web root for your primary domain name. This means that public_html...
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