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When you have subscribed to our Corporate Email Service from an existing email service, we will migrate all emails from your email server to your new service.

The migration process is managed by IDS Hosting.

In order to migrate emails we will need some information to access your emails.

  • email address
  • email password
  • server IP
  • email port if non standard ports are used. 

If you are already an IDS client then with permission we update your email passwords for you for the migration. These temp passwords are then updated by the account holder once handed over.

All emails, folders, etc are migrated to the new email facility.

Note: If the old system has been a POP setup on your mail client/s then only the inbox would have been used on the server for incoming mail, and thus when migrating only info transferred is the inbox, the rest of your data is on your mail client, and not synced/shared with your mail server. If your email settings are IMAP all data from your email client is synced back to the server and thus all this info is migrated as well.

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