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Overage is a way to keep your hosting account online if you exceed the storage space allocation. Overage is activated after you have reached your hosting packages maximum subscribed space. eg: A website package has 3Gb space, if you exceed 3Gb, our system will invoice you month in arrears at an additional R20/Gb for the additional space used. If you pay your hosting monthly and have a Website package (3Gb) and total space used is 4Gb, It will be R70 for the months hosting and R20 for the extra 1Gb, the months total cost will be R90. Note: 10Mb is 2c ZAR so your 1st overage invoice/s can be small if you pay your hosting annually, please keep a small amount in credit to cover this. If you pay annually you will only receive the monthly overage invoices (if you exceed your subscribed amount). If you delete your stored data on the server to below your subscribed amount, overage invoicing stops. If you have not reached our largest hosting package, a package upgrade can also be done online or via support.

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