Newsletter - October 2016

  • Friday, 14th October, 2016
  • 15:08pm

Budget Website Development Has Arrived!

We have been hard at work researching new product developments that will compliment your hosting and other product/s with IDS.

Our latest addition, due to public demand is: Budget Websites!

Since all of our servers are now located in South Africa, thereby reducing the effect of the US$, we are able to offer our clients the IDS Website Builder, allowing you to build your own website or we can assist by building it for you.

Many of our clients have built really nice looking websites, however there are quite a few who really do not want to build their own sites for a variety of good reasons.

Enter our New Budget Website Development!

We are so confident with our Website Builder that we use it for HTML website developments ourselves.

So whats the cost and how does it work, you might ask?


The website development starts from R500 for three pages and we can go up to 10 pages for R1500 (terms and conditions apply).
50% deposit is required, to order here is a link:

For larger and more detailed websites, follow this link for more information: IDSWebDesign

How does it work and how can it be so afforable?
Due to the development of an interactive form where all new website information is uploaded, we are able to ask the right questions, receive the correct data and develop the site in record time.
Here is the data upload link for your perusal:

So whats the catch?
There are no catches, only pluses:

  • you are able to edit your HTML website, at no extra cost as often as you like.
  • you are able to re-publish it at any time.
  • you are able to backup and restore your site at any time.
  • you will however need a hosting package with IDS Hosting of course.
  • and you will need at least a brochure hosting package to qualify for the PREMIUM IDS WEBSITE BUILDER.

For the Entrepreneur
Many of our existing clients use the IDS Website Builder to build websites commercially when HTML sites are required for their clients.
Now we can do it for you, we can finish it quicker and allow you more time to get out there and get more clients.
Remember you can have up to 10 addon domains on your brochure package (more on larger packages), so your hosting costs per site go down the more sites you have.

So Whats News in other areas of IDS Hosting?

With all our servers now being local and the advent of ADSL capped and uncapped, added security software and bargain SSL certificates we are super excited about the future.

Other products we are still researching:

  • Bulk mailing facility on custom IP's.
  • Introduction of Product Groups focusing on various niche markets and organisations.
  • Fully compliant email account archiving with unlimited space and retention.
  • Unlimited business email account backup.
  • Admin upgrade with configurable SMS notifications.
  • Ongoing research and product development culminating in total online office automation.
Product upgrades and developments:
  • Email backup improvements including email migration.
  • Website backup now includes all websites scripts (not only automated cPanel) and much more.
  • Website and admin area upgraded with SSL Certification.

We also offer an ONLINE SUPPORT CHAT facility via our website.

And that’s the end of our update for now, suffice to say that in this very difficult economic climate we continue to value and appreciate your business and friendship.

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